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Develop a Unified and Harmonious Relationship with Your Dog

More Than Just Training – A Transformational Journey for Your Dog

Discover the Dog Master difference that has transformed countless 'untrainable' dogs into obedient companions.

Board & Train: We care for your dog as we train.

Daily Progress Videos: Watch your dog's

transformation every step of the way.

Proven Success: Trusted by countless satisfied

dog owners.

See Just A Handful Of Our Amazing Dog Transformations For Yourself Below...

  • Q: My dog constantly pulls on the leash during walks. How can your program help?
    A: With our training on loose leash walking, you can look forward to peaceful, stress-free walks where you're in control, not being dragged along.
  • Q: My dog jumps on me and visitors. Can this behavior be corrected?
    A: Absolutely! We'll teach your furball some manners on how to say 'hello' without the jumping frenzy. Imagine walking into your home with guests and your dog just wags its tail, waiting for a pat instead of a leap. That's the dream, right?
  • Q: I've noticed my dog barks aggressively at strangers. Is this a sign of protection or aggression?
    A: Our program will help differentiate and correct both protective instincts and aggression. This means more relaxed outings and visits without the worry of unexpected aggressive behavior.
  • Q: What is E-collar training, and is it safe for my dog?
    A: E-collar training is a method that enhances communication with your dog. It's safe and ensures quicker, more effective results, meaning less time stressing over misbehavior and more time enjoying your pet's company.
  • Q: My dog gets easily distracted. How do you help?
    A: Our distraction training will sharpen your dog's focus. We use fun, engaging techniques to keep their attention on us. Think of it as turning their training into a game where they're eager to see what comes next. Before you know it, your pup will be laser-focused on the task at hand!
  • Q: I've heard about crate training but have concerns. Why is it beneficial?
    A: Think of crate training like giving your dog their own cozy bedroom. It's their little retreat where they can chill and feel safe. And for you? It's like knowing your furry buddy has their own snug spot, especially when you can't be right there with them.
  • Q: Can you train older dogs, or is the program only for puppies?
    A: Our program caters to both young and older dogs. It's never too late to instill good behavior, ensuring you enjoy your dog's companionship at any age.
  • Q: How do I know my dog is making progress during the boarding period?
    A: Our daily videos offer you a front-row seat to your dog's transformation, ensuring you're always connected and updated on their progress.
  • Q: My dog has separation anxiety. Can this be addressed?
    A: Absolutely. By addressing separation anxiety, you'll have a more independent dog, reducing the stress and guilt you feel when leaving them alone.
  • Q: Do you offer private lessons?
    A: Definitely.Private lessons are like getting a VIP pass for your pup. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we zoom in on your dog's unique personality and challenges. It's personalized, focused, and all about getting results that stick.
  • Q: How involved will I be in the training process during private lessons?
    A: You're a big part of the equation! While we work directly with your dog, we also coach you. This way, you're equipped with the skills to continue the good work and maintain those positive behaviors at home.

we can customize programs for you, just

What Our Client Say


Susan A.


"Highly recommend Tony Sit, we signed up our fur babies for the 4 weeks board and training. So pleased with thier behavior now that they have returned home. Our girls were barkers and jumpers, Tony has relieved them of this bad habit. Thank you Tony for hard work. Will be referring others in future."


Patrick C.


"Tony is the best. We rescued a 6 y/o French Bulldog with many issues and Tony has helped us work through all of them We are now a harmonious household! Thanks Tony!!!"


Jo "the princess" R.


"Tony took BB for two weeks. BB had a lot of issues, he came back much much better. Obviously we still have to continue the training but before we met Tony we thought bb was untrainable. He's a good dog, and we are very happy with the help Tony provided BB and our family in his training method."

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